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Tips for sellers

In order to sell your house, you need to make sure that it is available to be shown, at all times.  This can especially be hard when you have children or pets. Often times we get calls from a potential buyer who would like to see a home on short notice.  Although this may not be convenient for you, if your home is not ready to be shown, you could lose a possible sale. 


Lighting can make a huge impact on curb appeal and perhaps a quicker sale.  So, in the evenings, turn on your exterior lights.

You love your pet, but when it comes to selling your home, you shouldn’t expect the same of potential buyers.   While it is difficult for some homeowners to understand the negative perceptions about pets held by some prospective buyers, you should try to make your home as appealing as possible to everyone who walks through the door. Before showing your home, consider some of these steps to minimize the impact of pets and potentially maximize interest from prospective buyers.

*  Try to remove all signs of your pets. Start by putting away any food and water bowls, pet toys and litter boxes.  If you have any items that are too big to hide – like cages or dog carriers – find a discreet storage location in the garage or outside the home.

*  To ensure that you don't offend the eyes (or noses) of prospective buyers, you may want to devote extra time to cleaning your home. If you have cats or dogs that roam freely in the home, start by vacuuming the entire house. If there are carpet stains,  consider hiring a professional cleaner to get rid of the offending spots. If you find any stains that cannot be removed, you may want to replace the carpet or flooring before showing your home. To remove the last whiffs of pet smell from your home, avoid air fresheners (some of your guests may have allergies) and try using a heavy-duty enzyme cleaner. When you are confident in your cleaning, ask a friend or extended family member to inspect for stains and smells before showing the home.

*  Homeowners may consider relocating their pets while their home is on the market. Rather than keeping your pet locked up in the garage, consider asking friends and family to help out or consider using a kennel. While this might be incredibly difficult to do – for pet and pet owner alike – this step could go a long way towards helping prospective buyers feel comfortable in your home.

Be sure to wait until your house is ready to be shown before you market it.  This may mean that a fresh coat of paint or new carpet is in order first - presentation is everything so get the work done before marketing the property. 

Setting the price can be tricky.  Your Farmer & Co Real Estate agent will research what similar properties or homes in your neighborhood are selling for and help establish a fair market value for your property.   Other factors that need to be considered when setting the price for your property include:

·         Improvements to the property – new carpet, windows, roof, siding, etc.

·    Property’s amenities – swimming pool, basement, acreage, pond, additional garages or storage buildings.

·         Repairs that need made – does the property need a new roof, windows, paint?

·         Original purchase price and mortgage balance

·         Bargaining room – 99.9% of properties do not sell at the list price so you will want to price the property with room for negotiation.

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