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  1. Tilghman Juniors Selected for Governor's Scholars
    Paducah Tilghman juniors Karlee Humphrey and Anne Lasher have been chosen as scholars, and junior Molly Thompson has been chosen as an alternate in the 2014 Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program.

    The Governor's Scholars Program is a prestigious five week summer program that is limited to 1,000 of the state's most outstanding students. Established in 1983, the program provides academic and personal growth through the balance of a strong liberal arts program with a full co-curricular and residential life experience. The scholars will convene this year at Bellarmine University, Morehead State University, and Murray State University.

    The program is meant to help the participants achieve their academic and personal potential, encourage leadership skills, and to develop the their creativity and critical thinking skills.

    Scholars live in dormitories on the college campus, giving them a feel of what life will be like once they leave high school. They attend classes, seminars, and co-curricular activities. Speakers and performers come to lead activities such as films, field trips, and other special events.

    Anne is a member of the PTHS tennis team, cheerleading squad, Interact club, mock trial, student council, National Honor Society and Beta Club. She is a member of the Immanuel Baptist Church youth group. Her parents are Blaine and Lisa Lasher.

    Karlee is a member of the PTHS girls basketball team, softball team, mock trial, Beta Club, and National Honor Society. She participates in summer basketball and softball travel teams. Her parents are David and Danette Humphrey.

    Molly is a member of the PTHS girls soccer team, National Honor Society, and Beta Club. She works with the Oscar Cross Boys and Girls Club. Her parents are Mark and Gretchen Thompson.









  2. Hospital Offers Free Physicals to Local Athletes
    Murray-Calloway County Hospital will host its annual free sports physicals to local middle and high school athletes on Saturday, June 21 and Saturday, July 12  from 8 am to noon.

    The physicals will be held in the Endoscopy Department (former Outpatient Services) at the west entrance of MCCH. Volunteer physicians and nurses will perform the physicals. To receive a free physical, the student must be seventh grade or above and enrolled in the Murray Independent School District, Calloway County School District or Eastwood Christian Academy. The student also must have a completed medical history form signed by a parent or guardian. No appointment is necessary.

    In 2013, the two-day free physical program saw more than 500 local athletes cleared to play sports. The average physical costs a family $100, but Murray-Calloway County Hospital coordinated a team of 11 volunteer physicians and 37 other volunteers to give their time and provide the exams free of charge. The estimated savings to local families was more than $50,000.

    The free physicals are part of the hospital’s commitment to support local school systems, which also includes providing salaries for school nurses and athletic trainers. MCCH also has donated AED unites to both schools, offers free membership at the Center for Health and Wellness to student athletes and provides CPR training for coaches. For more information about the program, contact Melissa Ross, Health Promotions Coordinator, at 270-762-1832.

  3. An Easter Reminder: Unleashing the Power
    OPINION: Recently I had the unfortunate experience of losing power for an entire day. For any of you who have been powerless before, you can likely recall how unproductive you become once the sun goes down – left with nothing but a dozen candles and a flashlight to continue your night. If you’re anything like me, you also forget that just about everything you normally would do requires electricity. You go to turn on: an appliance…oops…a switch…nope…television…funny…the dishwasher…good try…you get the idea! Living a life without power is discouraging, fruitless, and a huge wake-up call.
    I thought to myself, how did they enjoy an entertaining and productive life in the olden days? Yet, I couldn’t help but think of all that Jesus accomplished without having electricity, a car, an iPhone, or mass media to help promote His message. Ironically, this is because Jesus had all the power in the world and more. We see in John 13:3 as Jesus began the Last Supper with His disciples, He reflected on His love for them,

    Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God.

    Jesus had a power that allowed Him to operate with authority and this power exists today in the form of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, thanks to Thomas Edison, there is another kind of power that allows us the luxury of continuing our lives at ease. I have come to find that we desperately need to have both types of power. However, while we all notice immediately when the electricity goes out, we often miss when we stop living in the empowerment we have as Christians. In case you think this sounds judgmental, let me tell you, I am preaching to the choir. You see, I was the first to discover when we lost power in our home and it affected me greatly. However, it took hours of quiet reflection to come to this conclusion….am I living in the power that comes only from Christ? As we reflect on Easter, we must be reminded that there is power in the blood that saved us on the cross and arose King we must be reminded that there is power in the blood that saved us on the cross and arose King, may we also be reminded of a verse that gets to me every time I read it:

    Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. (John 14:12)

    Why does this verse leave my eyes wide and my head titled? Because Jesus gives His power to us! After creation and our ultimate fall through Adam and Eve, Jesus still honored us and  I can’t help but wonder, are we living without this power? Are we living in a dark house with a small flashlight hoping to lighten every corner of every room without any true means? I read this verse and I am left with so many questions, which all can be summarized by a unwanted yet doubtful thought…greater things…really…me?

    I, personally, would be the first to embrace changing the world and enthusiastically listing all the ways, as Christians, that we could bring about a wonderful Jesus-centered movement. However, when I start talking in this manner there is a feeling that nips at my heels. Whether it be from past failures, or a lack of sustained enthusiasm, I give up and become powerless. I know that the enemy must be elated with this state because it is like we are standing at the gate of an international flight without a passport. You see, with the passport we would have no problem claiming our spot and showing our identity to all who need to see it. Yet, without it, we aren’t going anywhere. I think sometimes I am that person, knowing my rights as a child of God to do greater things, but forgetting to show my passport in order to gracefully continue on. Hopefully someone, somewhere, is reading this and nodding their head saying… that’s me too! The good news is that we have permission from God to live in power. He wants us to operate in this way, all the time.

    We can read the four Gospels and see a common theme in Jesus’ life and those who followed His footsteps. They all owned the power that they knew was their’s to claim. Generations later, we still want power, yet we are looking in all the wrong places. We live in a world where power is needed in a physical sense and craved in a spiritual sense. In fact, it doesn’t take long to even see these themes in the movies be it power through success, money, or even witchcraft and vampires. Power is something always sought after. Therefore, it is time we turn on the lights. It is time that we remember the power we have through Jesus. The empty tomb that churches recreate across America on Easter Sunday should perhaps have the words written:

    “I’m no longer here…your turn to demonstrate some power!”  Love, Your Father

    What if we embraced this? Could we show the world that all the false methods of gaining power pale in comparison to what we have? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t that bring joy to our Father? I believe it is as simple as waking up, recognizing our need for it, claiming it and actively calling on Jesus’ name to operate in it.  The truth is, it requires some faith to proclaim, “I want to do these greater things you spoke about Jesus.” However, someone’s got to step up, passport in hand, ready to board with the entitlement rightfully given to us.

  4. LBL Early Squirrel Hunting Season Opens May 10
    Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area’s 2014 spring squirrel hunting season will open in Tennessee from May 10-June 8 and in Kentucky from May 17-June 20.

    Hunters must have a valid Kentucky or Tennessee state hunting license for the state in which they are hunting. Hunters age 16 and older must also have a Land Between The Lakes Hunter Use Permit.These are available at North and South Welcome Stations, Golden Pond Visitor Center, and wherever Kentucky and Tennessee state hunting licenses are sold.

    Hunters must abide by all applicable regulations and stay within legal hunting areas. The Tennessee daily bag limit is 10 with a possession limit of 20, and in Kentucky, the limits are 6 and 12, respectively. Hunters are strongly encouraged to use a tick repellent containing permethrin during these seasons.

    The LBL official website is www.lbl.org. Visit often for Calendar of Events, updates on programs and policies, safety information, maps, temporary trail and road closures, and more, or call 800-LBL-7077 or 270-924-2000. Follow LBL on Twitter @LBLScreechOwl or @LandBtwnLakes. To sign up for our electronic newsletter, email lblinfo@fs.fed.us.

  5. Lose the Drama...
    Lose the drama ... and plans for another legislative session

    By: Jim Waters

    The final day of this year’s legislative session offered more drama than a teenage girl’s slumber party. There were pillow fights and goofy games but little to resemble serious efforts to implement the substantive policies needed to make Kentucky more competitive.

    On the April 14 edition of KET’s “Kentucky Tonight” show – the eve before the commonwealth’s Constitution required the legislature to adjourn sine die – I was asked to grade lawmakers on their performance during this year’s session.

    I graded on the curve: “C-minus.” But after the “horse trading … by four or five,” as House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown, described the session’s final evening – when lawmakers were forced into votes on bills they barely had time even to glance at – I revised my grade to “D.”

    The only reason it’s not a totally failing grade is because the legislature did pass a state budget and road plan before its adjournment deadline. And they did it without supporting a gas-tax increase championed by big spenders in the House.
    Still, the drama combined with the lack of progress in key areas significantly lowers the grade.
    While the state Senate gets credit for stopping tax increases and wasteful spending bills advanced by the House, Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, just couldn’t resist attending the end-of-session party.

    After the House failed to pass legislation known as “the heroin bill” that would have expanded treatment capacity for drug addicts, toughened penalties for dealers and allowed needle-exchange programs for addicts, Stivers in a demonstration of full-blown overreaction raised the possibility of a special legislative session just to pass the drug bill.
    Stivers calls it “tragic” that the bill didn’t pass. He thinks taxpayers would count the cost of a special legislative session – $325,000 a week – funding “well spent” to “do something to stop or curb this problem.”

    The drug problem is “tragic.” The loss of life it causes is “tragic.” But is it really “tragic” that this particular law didn’t pass?
    Would it really be “tragic” if taxpayers were not forced to pay for a special legislative session – especially for a bill the Senate passed months ago and sent to the House? Should we taxpayers be penalized and forced to pay for an additional session just because the politicians couldn’t get a bill passed within the constitutionally allotted time?
    It’s also an appropriate question for Gov. Steve Beshear, who’s reportedly considering a special legislative session with the goal of forcing all Kentucky taxpayers to participate in funding the renovation of Lexington’s Rupp Arena, home of the University of Kentucky basketball Wildcats.

    Beshear pressed the project during the final hours of the session even though the city’s political leaders failed to reveal a financing plan, claiming that UK doesn’t want a tentative agreement reached with Rupp “made public.”
    Supporters of this project offer the same recycled public-relations talking points we often hear about these types of ventures that usually center on over-stated promises of “increased investments in the community.”

    Even if such promises of economic vitality rang true, taxpayers at the very least should not be forced to pay for a special legislative session with so many unanswered questions and nearly as many secrets.

    A greater cost than the price tag of a special session dominated by a drama-driven agenda in its final days may be the missed-opportunity costs of failing to move policies down the field throughout the entire session that would make Kentucky competitive once again, including reforms of our state’s tax code, pension system, public schools, telecom regulations and legal policies.
    No special legislative session is necessary for these issues, either. All that’s needed is for lawmakers to lose the drama, do their jobs and earn an “A-plus” from their constituents.
    Jim Waters is president of the Bluegrass Institute, Kentucky’s free-market think tank. Reach him at jwaters@freedomkentucky.com. Read previously published columns at www.bipps.org. 
  6. New Boutique Opens In Grand Rivers
    A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Saturday in Grand Rivers to officially open the Peacock Corner ladies boutique at Patti's 1880s Settlement.

    Proprietor Anna Tullar was joined by family members Lawana and Ariel Tullar, employees of Patti's and members of the Grand Rivers Tourism Commission.

    Peacock Corner offers ladies' fashion accessories including scarves and handbags.
  7. College Offers Transfer For MCU Students
    Midway College is offering special resources for any students from Mid-Continent University who want to transfer to Midway. Transferring students will have their application fees waived and the college will work quickly, offering extended admissions hours and online chat sessions as needed to accommodate students' requests.

    "We realize that this is a stressful time for all of those in the Mid-Continent community, from the administration, faculty, students and their families," said Dr. John Marsden, President, Midway College. "I have already offered our support to the administration at Mid-Continent, discussed our support with AIKCU and held internal discussions with our staff to reinforce the need to assist with transferring students and any faculty that might be looking at open positions we have."

    "We have already received many calls this week and our admissions counselors are working to assure those students that we will work to assist them in getting their official transcripts in order to do transcript evaluations. Our summer and fall registration periods are still open so we can work with them to see when they can get started," said Stephanie Whaley, Dean of Enrollment. "Our financial aid officers have also been briefed on the situation and are ready to answer questions and assist with any transfer requests. Since Mid-Continent serves students from various parts of the state we believe our online programs can be a good resource for those students who can't travel to our Midway or Lexington location. We have several bachelor degree programs that can be completed online - business administration, criminal justice, healthcare administration, psychology and teacher education are a few."

    Information for Mid-Continent students and anyone interested in transferring to Midway College can be found at www.midway.edu. Midway's admission office will host two online chat transfer sessions for Mid-Continent and other transfer students Wednesday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 30 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    To register for the online events, students can go to www.midway.edu and information will be on the homepage - look for CollegeWeek Live Transfer Chat Session. Admissions counselors and financial aid representatives will be online during the two hour chat sessions and ready to answer any questions. Students can login at any time during this period to be assisted.

    For any Mid-Continent students wishing to transfer, here is important information they need to know:

    Add Midway College to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ . Our code is: 001975.
    Complete the Midway application for admissions on our website at www.midway.edu (click apply now link)
    Call our admissions office at 888-75-MIDWAY for a special code to waive the application fee.
    Contact an admissions counselor for help in getting your transcripts from previously attended colleges.
  8. Ladies Tennis Team Makes It to USTA Semi-Finals
    Several Paducah ladies are included in a talented and powerful tennis team who represented Kentucky in last week's United States Tennis Association National Championship (USTA), proudly making their way to the semi-finals.   

    Congratulations to the Edwards/Lancaster 55+4.0 ladies team who represented Kentucky and the Southern Region, April 4th - 6th. The competition included eight other states at the USTA  National Championship in Surprise Arizona. 

    The team defeated the USTA regions of Eastern, Inter-mountain and Mid-Atlantic to win their flight enabling them to advance to the semi-final round. 

    The ladies were defeated in the semi-finals by Southern California. 

    Team members are Rhonda Edwards, Cheryl Lancaster, Leslie Bassi, Elizabeth Kopiwoda, Patricia Parker, Ann Watkins, Debe Sullivan, Karen Yates, Joni Covington and Jane St. Clair.
  9. Smithland Boil Water Alert Lifted
    The boil water order for Smithland Water Works customers has been lifted. 

    The order was put in place on Thursday. It is no longer required to boil your water before use.

    The Smithland Water Works thanks you for your patience.
  10. Police Seek Gunman in E-Z Shop Robbery
    Authorities in McCracken County are searching for a gunman who robbed the E-Z Shop on Paducah's South side Friday afternoon.

    The on-duty clerk said a man walked into the store with a handgun around 5:40 pm demanding money be placed into a bag.

    According to Paducah Police, the clerk stuffed an unknown sum of cash into the bag before the suspect fled toward Irvin Cobb Drive with the loot.

    Authorities arrived within minutes, immediately stopping a man in a church parking lot across the street. Police interviewed and released the man after it was determined he was not a suspect. 

    A perimeter was established around the area, and McCracken County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Croft alongside K9-unit, Pepo, searched the area for any trace of the gunman. 

    Unsuccessful at tracking the suspect, Paducah Police ask that anyone with information regarding the crime contact Crime Stoppers at (270) 443-TELL. A text-tip may also be submitted by sending a message to “CRIMES” (274637). The first line of the message should read “KyTips” followed by the information being submitted. Tips can also be submitted at www.westkycrimestoppers.info. 

    Submitting a tip that leads to an arrest or indictment may result in a reward of up to $1,000.
  11. Eye on the Market with David O. England
    Eye on the Market with David O. England

    Cut and run? I

    This last week, many asked, “Is it time to sell-take my profits and run”?  I have heard many reasons for the current selling, including;

    1.    High Frequency Trading
    2.    Poor Earnings Forecasts
    3.    The Chinese Economy
    4.    A Rigged Market
    5.    Poor quality Initial Public Offerings
    6.    Time for a correction
    7.    Low job creation
    8.    Similar chart pattern to 1929
    9.    Ukraine and Putin Aggressions
    10.    Another Flash Crash

    The list goes on. Personally, I see the main reason for the selling is two words, profit taking.  After the huge run in 2013, it is not a question of if but when, investors/traders will lock in some profits.  One could spend one minute, hour, day, week, or month trying to figure this out but the bottom line-does it really matter?  When you have more selling than buying, price is going to head south-pure and simple.  

    My main rule per buying or selling is to make decisions on what you see instead of what you hear, think, or feel is going to happen.  With that being said, my trading systems are highly effective at giving profitable trading buy and sell signals.  Again, nothing is 100 percent accurate. Let’s take a look at a twenty year chart of one of the largest held mutual funds-symbol AGTHX-the Growth Fund of America. Let’s see if my system would have worked to keep investors in the green. 

    Per the chart, sell signals are hit when two conditions occur. First, the price must cross down through the blue signal line and stay under this line by the end of the next month. By using this system, I have indicated when you would have been out of the market.  Many wished they would have been out of the market during these huge downturns from 2000 -2003 and also from 2007-2009.

    Your next question, “What are the trading buy signals?” I do just the opposite and wait for the price to close and stay above the blue signal line by the end of the next month. You can see by using this system the very profitable runs.  

    Quiz time. Currently, are there sell signals for AGTHX?  Per the chart, you can see the price is currently trading well above the blue signal line so use the above rules to determine the answer.  

    I have taught many these buy and sell systems and you can learn as well.  If interested in learning my systems for your securities, sign up for my upcoming workshops at John A. Logan College. Take the time to learn which indicators give the best signals for buying and selling for each of your securities.

    This information to be used for educational purposes only.

    Next week, I will answer your question, “Using your system, do you see the S&P 500 making a market top”?  In addition, I will give my five questions to always ask before harvesting profits.
    Plan your work, work your plan and share your harvest!

    Source: stockcharts.com, davidoengland.com

    Disclosure:  I do not hold any securities mentioned in this column

    DAVID O. ENGLAND is the founder of the Eye on the Market-Training Academy and retired associate professor of finance at John A. Logan College. This column is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice. For questions, contact England at thetraderseye@gmail.com.

  12. Proposed Rules May Hinder Medical Marijuana in IL
    Entrepreneurs leaping on the medical marijuana boom in Illinois say the proposed financial requirements discourage, if not prohibit growers from taking advantage of the new law.

    The founder of a Bloomington-based eyeglass chain, Nick Williams and his partners, plan to apply for a medical marijuana dispensary license. The entrepreneur says the experience gained from operating 22 eyeglass dispensaries across three states has paved the way to jump on this opportunity.

    Williams is concerned that the financial requirements growers are faced with may drive the pot prices up. The new law allows licensed-only cultivation centers to grow medical marijuana.

    The law prohibits patients from growing their own supply. In addition the proposed rules require growers to pay $225,000 in first-year fees, have $500,000 on hand and obtain a $2 million escrow account or surety bond.
    Folks in Illinois have 45 days to offer their opinion and comment on the draft medical marijuana proposal's draft rules.
  13. KY Speaker: Hacker Tweeted Anti-McConnell Remarks
    Kentucky's House speaker says someone hacked his Twitter account to post inflammatory comments about U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    Democratic Speaker Greg Stumbo took to Twitter to distance himself from the criticism directed at the five-term Republican senator from Kentucky.

    Stumbo tweeted he was unaware the anti-McConnell comments had been posted Thursday night until he was notified in a phone call.

    The speaker explained that his personal Twitter account had been hacked and he was changing his password.

    The anti-McConnell comments were deleted. Stumbo spokesman Brian Wilkerson declined further comment Friday.

    Stumbo is a frequent McConnell critic. He also is an outspoken supporter of Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is vying to unseat McConnell in one of the nation's most hotly contested campaigns this year.

    McConnell has not publicly commented on the tweets.
  14. First Lady, Jill Biden to Visit Fort Campbell
    First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden are scheduled to visit Fort Campbell next week to speak with soldiers and their families at a jobs and career fair.

    Obama and Biden are expected to be at the military post on the Kentucky-Tennessee state line on Wednesday to deliver remarks to more than 1,000 service members and military spouses and over 100 employers at the Fort Campbell Veterans Jobs Summit and Career Forum.

    The summit is a public, private, and nonprofit sector collaboration that, in coordination with the active duty military, aims to provide transitioning service members with employment resources.

    During the meeting, Obama and Biden will also announce new government tools designed to simplify job hunting for veterans, transitioning service members, National Guard members, Reserve components and military spouses.
  15. Verizon Donates $10,000 To Merryman House
    Chief Brandon Barnhill of the Paducah Police Department today joined with the local Verizon Wireless store in presenting a $10,000 grant to the Merryman House domestic violence crisis center.

    "Domestic violence is Verizon’s primary charitable focus," said Wayne Bolton, manager of Verizon Wireless.  “We are committed to helping the nearly one in four women, one in seven men and more than three million children in the United States affected by domestic violence."

    The Holiday Hopeline Drive was launched by the Paducah Police Department in November 2013. The drive challenged people to turn in their no-longer-used cellular telephones, accessories and chargers. The community responded with nearly 700 phones and accessories.

    Verizon will turn the donated devices into support tools for residents in an eight-county area who are facing domestic violence.

    Barnhill said the department was very pleased with the response, which exceeded expectations.

    "The Paducah Police Department remains committed to the fight against domestic violence," said Barnhill. "The department is one of only two in the state that requires its officers to complete a lethality assessment when responding to domestic violence calls. The assessment determines the level of lethal risk faced by the victim of domestic violence."

    Additionally, Barns said, "the Paducah Police Department is the only department in the state to re-contact victims of domestic violence within 48 hours to determine if further action is required."

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