Choose Your Agent Carefully

Experience and expertise of your market area is one of the important, if not the most important, thing you should consider when hiring your agent.  You need an agent who knows the market, knows the people and knows his or her way around as well (you wouldn’t want an agent getting lost on their way to your showing would you?).  An agent who knows the market, will probably also know how the schools are, where the best place to get groceries is and if the largest employer is hiring or letting people go.  Because most likely, they have not only listed and sold property in the area, but they may also live their as well.

Interview Multiple Agents

Its important that you not only interview agents in different agencies, but also within the same agency.  You may like one agency’s website over another, or their social media presence, so you’ve decided which agency you want to go with.  But if there are several agents within that agency, talk to a couple – you may not be satisfied with the first one that answers the phone.  Or your personality may not mesh with theirs. Not agents are created equal, so make sure you feel comfortable with the agent you choose.  Make sure the agent isn’t just telling you what you want to hear but being honest with you about your home’s value. There are plenty of agents out there who will mislead an owner on their home’s value in order to beat out another agent for the listing.

Speaking of Websites…

Do they have one?  Be sure to look at each agents’ website.  Does it have a professional appearance?  Can you easily search for properties?  Do the listings have alot of pictures?  Is there a way to easily contact an agent through the website?  Over 90% of home buyers search online for homes first before ever setting up an appointment to see a home in person.

Do they have a Social Media Presence?

Can you find them on Facebook?  If they have a personal Facebook page is it professional?  Even though its a personal page, do they still convey an image you feel comfortable with?  Does their agency have a Facebook page?  Is it updated regularly?  Are they just posting listings or do they engage their followers with content that makes their followers want to frequently visit their page.  Facebook’s not the only Social Media outlet out there you should look for.  What about You Tube, Twitter, Instagram?

Ask About Their Track Record

Ask them how many properties they sold last year.  Ask them the average dollar amount of their sales.  Also ask them how many properties and the average dollar amount of the sales in the market area.  How many days do their listings usually stay on the market?  Do their listings usually need a price reduction before getting an offer?  You want an agent who will not overprice a home!  Choose an agent with a successful track record.

Get References

Do they have online reviews submitted on their social media page or on national real estate websites like Zillow?  Read through not only some of the good reviews but also some bad ones.  Ask for about two or three recent clients that you can talk to.

Ask How they Market Their Properties

Or better yet check it out yourself.  Review some of their listings online.  Do they use the same description for every home?  Do they already have utilities, maps, lists of property features readily available online?  Do they took good photographs?  Do they utilize virtual tours?  What do they do to make their listings stand out?

Are They a Member of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

By being a member of a MLS, the agent’s listing will be available to all other agents in that MLS.  This alone can open up the door to additional clients who may way to look at your property.  If you’re buying that also means that the agent isn’t just limited to showing you his or her listings, but any of the listings in the MLS. How to Find a Realtor

The agents at Farmer & Company Real Estate want you as their client.  Obviously if you’re reading this blog post, you have been on our website or on one of the Social Media sites we utilize.  If you compare our online presence to any of our competitors, we feel we go above and beyond any of them.  There are alot of great marketing tools out there to help you sell your home, but picking an exceptional agent is where you need to start.  If you’re ready to talk about selling your home or if you’re ready to start looking for your next one, we hope you will call us to help you.  We look forward to hearing from you!